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The Kids Are In Trouble

Here’s another ‘TKAIT’ take on corporate. I start my new job next week and have been mentally pulling outfits together from what already exists in my wardrobe. I’m not big on spending money on a particular style of clothing that I’ll only wear in one aspect of my life e.g. corporate wear, so I like to use what I already have and mix those pieces together to create an outfit that suits the occasion.

Come to think of it, my entire wardrobe is based on versatility. I don’t often buy outfits specifically for any one occasion, maybe that’s why I’m having such a hard time finding a dress to wear to my brothers wedding next year, but I digress…

I did pick up these gorgeous patent leather pumps by Michael Kors as part of the new work wardrobe. Do you think I can get away with strolling through the vineyards in them on my first day?

The Kids Are In Trouble  The Kids Are In Trouble The Kids Are In Trouble The Kids Are In Trouble

Skirt: gift from a friend  | Top: Hello Parry | Heels: Michael Kors | Bag: Samvara

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