The story of

Another mild day, another excuse to pull a knit out of the wardrobe. I do this every year – go too hard too early and half way through Winter I’m gagging to pull out the shorts and get me some sunshine.

These photos are a bit of a jumbled mess but I spent some time today playing around with the camera – inside and out, trying to figure out which parts of the house are best to shoot in.

I got this knit last year in Bali. It’s from a label called The Story Of. You can’t get this particular style anymore but Market HQ stock the range.

Speaking of Bali, my family and I are heading over this weekend for 10 blissful days of relaxation, food, cocktails and beach. I’m planning on making the whole week laptop free so posting will be sparse.

Oh and Kato wanted to make his debut on my blog – I wish I got his whole adorable head in this shot.

Knit – The Story of, Pants – Country Road, Wedges & Flats both by Nude 

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