The holy grail of travel makeup

Urban Decay Naked Palette

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know that my partner and I recently relocated to San Francisco. We arrived here after six weeks in Europe with nothing but two suitcases and a couple of laptops. Needless to say, I have been wearing the same clothes and the same makeup for around three months now and it’s definitely time for an update.

Before we left, I was peppered with questions from concerned friends and family about what clothes I was going to pack but I was more concerned about which makeup I was going to pack. I love makeup, love, love, love it. Even though I don’t wear a huge amount, I love to play around with new products and colours and heading into Mecca Maxima was always my first destination at the shopping centre. So how did I whittle down two very large makeup bags into one condensed package that was going to cover all the bases? Without further ado, here are my makeup packing traveling tips.

Travel Makeup

First and foremost you want products that work hard for you. Anything that can be used for more than just it’s intended purpose and palettes are just that. They offer bang for buck and work overtime. For example, the holy grail of eyeshadow palettes, the Urban Decay Naked. 12 shadows that lean toward the bronzey, smokey side, fabulous consistency and the included brush aren’t half bad either. The colour Sin doubles as a highlight for cheekbones too.

Mac Paint Pot

Mac’s Paint Pot in Painterly doubles as a great nude eye colour or primer for underneath other shadows. I wear this most days with a lick of mascara and maybe some eyeliner if I can be bothered.

Lancome Miracle Cushion

I discovered the Lancome’s Miracle Cushion foundation about six months ago. This is my second one and I love it! It’s buildable which means I can throw on light coverage during the day and work it up at night if I want something heavier. It comes with a little sponge for on-the-go application which I have to admit I don’t use, but it goes on like a dream with a foundation brush. The plastic casing, as opposed to a glass bottle, also means there’s no risk of it breaking in your toiletries case if your suitcase gets tossed around.

Elf Cosmetics Blush Palette

Repeat this mantra, palettes are your friend. This palette was actually a recent purchase that I got here in CVS in SF. I bought two Nars blushes with me – Orgasm (obviously!) and Desire. To be honest I got sick of them pretty quickly and really wanted something a little warmer for my cheeks. This Elf Cosmetics blush palette in dark has got to be one of the best value makeup products ever. They are super pigmented so a little goes a long way.

Soleil Tan De Chanel

If this product doesn’t make you throw your hands up in a ‘PRAISE THE SWEET LORD BABY JESUS’ fashion then nothing will. I have to admit, it took me a while to figure out how to properly use this but geez, I’m glad I did. Get yourself a synthetic stippling brush and put this on the contours of your face before you put your foundation on. This product is a makeup base and is supposed to make you glow from within, which is exactly what it does if used correctly. I use this pretty much every day, especially on days when I can’t be bothered wearing makeup. Moisturise + a swipe of the Soleil Tan De Chanel and you’ve got yourself a beautiful healthy glow.

Other VIP’s in my traveling makeup kit include but are not strictly limited to:

  • Nars lipsticks and Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. In fact, anything Nars. Nars can do no wrong.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade. Buildable for subtle eyebrows or something a little bolder.
  • Maybelline Better Skin Concealer. This is a really, really good drugstore buy. Doesn’t crease and stays on like a champ.
  • Mac eyeliner in Teddy. I’ve been wearing this I was a teenager. Please never stop making this.
  • Sigma brushes. Affordable and great quality. Get yourself a travel set, you’ll use them long after your holiday.

I’ve been toying with the idea of maybe putting together some makeup tutorials for you guys? What do you think?

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