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Restyle Day 23 – Metallic

Perth Fashion Festival-280

Two things happened to me while shooting this outfit with the delightful Melissa, I messed my heels up good and proper by walking through the dirt trail to get to this ‘bushland’ and then some kind of leech like worm creature found a home on my ankle. There were shouts and shrieks and what not, as you can imagine.


The Kids Are In TroubleThe Kids Are In TroubleThe Kids Are In Trouble


1. I hate my curls.
2. Converse are completely acceptable to wear in the office.
3. Balconies are good places to take grimey photos.
4. Stripes and blazers are no fail. Every single time.

Top: Witchery
Blazer: Witchery, similar here
Jeans: Saba
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Baby-G

à tout à l’heure

Sick of seeing me in stripes yet? How about the colour black? People that say black isn’t a colour shouldn’t be trusted.

Bassike stripe long sleeve t.shirt dressCamilla & Marc UPBOUND KNIT PULL OVERSeed BootsCamilla & Marc UPBOUND KNIT PULL OVERCamilla & Marc Upbound Knit PulloverThe Kids Are In TroubleBassike Stipe Long Sleeve t.shirt Dress

I’m slowly killing this Camilla & Marc knit, I fear it’s not going to last me through Winter. Come to think of it these boots have seen better days too. If I could be an eternal summer chaser I would. I don’t like being cold and I’m not very good at trying to combat it with layers and coats and boots like most people do.

Maybe I’ll spend most of this winter peering out over the balcony, looking for the sun.

Dress: Bassike
Knit: Camilla & Marc
Boots: Seed, similar here
Watch: Baby-G

My take on corporate

I consider myself extremely lucky that I work in a corporate environment but don’t necessarily have to dress in the corporate sense. It’s a rare day that you catch me in a store that would typically specialise in workwear Cue, actually looking for work wear. And let me tell you, this conversation has taken place on a number of conversations…

Friend: “Did you go to work dressed like that?”
Me: “What? Yeah. Why?”

This outfit is pretty typical of the kind of thing I would wear on a day when I want to look “professional”.


The_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_Trouble The_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_Trouble The_Kids_Are_In_Trouble

Jeans: Saba
Top: Supre
Boots: Gorman
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Sportsgirl
Bag: Custom made





They’re green and gold and they’re sparkly and mirrored and they’re making their debut at today’s Blues & Roots festival. I hope they catch Paul Simon’s eye!

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Tee: Shakuhaci
Jeans: Nobody
Watch: Michael Kors

Old favourites


It occurred to me while editing these photos that everything I’m wearing in today’s outfit post is an old favourite, or about to become an old favourite. The jeans are Cheap Monday amazing-ness purchased in New Zealand a few years ago, the neon pink silk top – picked up in the Hussy store in Bali 3 years ago and the leather jacket, one of the most treasured items in my wardrobe was bought in White Suede in Melbourne almost 3 years ago. The_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_FavouritesThe_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_FavouritesThe_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_FavouritesThe_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_Favourites

I hope you don’t mind the boring background in these photos, the winter days are just too short to shoot outdoors. Although I’m pretty happy I got to feature my colour coordinated book shelves in an outfit post!

P.S. Notice anything different? Probably not! I cut all my hair off… and hmph(!) no one has noticed.

Jacket: White Suede
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Top: Hussy
Bag: purchased in Bali
Boots: Target
Ring: Sportsgirl
Watch: Michael Kors