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Smash and grab

Asos Wiggle Dress

I’m one of those people that leaves event dressing until the last minute. Like, the day before a wedding/ball/engagement party etc I will do what my partner calls a ‘smash and grab’. 

Turns Turns Turns

The Kids Are In Trouble

Here’s another ‘TKAIT’ take on corporate. I start my new job next week and have been mentally pulling outfits together from what already exists in my wardrobe. I’m not big on spending money on a particular style of clothing that I’ll only wear in one aspect of my life e.g. corporate wear, so I like to use what I already have and mix those pieces together to create an outfit that suits the occasion.


It’s a funny thing, this fashion blogging caper. It often leads you to creeping around public parks secretly rejoicing when no one is around so you can contort your body into strange positions and take photos of yourself. And lets face it, all of the planets have to align… good lighting, good hair day, good weather and just plain ol’ good luck. And every now and then when it all comes together, you do a little jump for joy!

Stylestalker Parka_The Kids are in Trouble Stylestalker Parka_The Kids are in Trouble Stylestalker Parka_The Kids are in Trouble Stylestalker Parka_The Kids are in TroubleStylestalker Parka_The Kids are in Trouble Stylestalker Parka_The Kids are in TroubleStylestalker Parka_The Kids are in TroubleStylestalker Parka_The Kids are in Trouble

Jeans: Nobody, similar here
Parka: old Stylestalker. Similar Stylestalker one here 
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Michael Kors

No Standing

The Kids Are In Trouble The Kids Are In Trouble Vintage ChicThe Kids Are In Trouble Toi Et MoiThe Kids Are In Trouble The Kids Are In Trouble The Kids Are In Trouble The Kids Are In Trouble

It seems the blogger world has gone a little mad for leather pants. The fabric is without a doubt my favourite but I’ve been hesitant to make the investment. For some strange reason I’ve had it in my head that you need to be tall and super skinny to pull them off. So when I stumbled across the leather looking Montrer Skinny Jean by Toi Et Moi at a bargin price I couldn’t help but take the plunge. And to say that I am in love is an understatement.

I haven’t taken them off since they were delivered. And paired with this amazing silver vintage jumper from Vintage Chic, it was the perfect outfit for a night out on the town.

Knit: Vintage from Vintage Chic
Pants: Toi Et Moi

Bag: Sportsgirl
Boots: Target, identical ones here
Watch: Michael Kors 


My take on corporate

I consider myself extremely lucky that I work in a corporate environment but don’t necessarily have to dress in the corporate sense. It’s a rare day that you catch me in a store that would typically specialise in workwear Cue, actually looking for work wear. And let me tell you, this conversation has taken place on a number of conversations…

Friend: “Did you go to work dressed like that?”
Me: “What? Yeah. Why?”

This outfit is pretty typical of the kind of thing I would wear on a day when I want to look “professional”.


The_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_Trouble The_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_Trouble The_Kids_Are_In_Trouble

Jeans: Saba
Top: Supre
Boots: Gorman
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Sportsgirl
Bag: Custom made





They’re green and gold and they’re sparkly and mirrored and they’re making their debut at today’s Blues & Roots festival. I hope they catch Paul Simon’s eye!

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Tee: Shakuhaci
Jeans: Nobody
Watch: Michael Kors


Bardot_Rocco_Singlet Michael_Kors_Watch Novo_Shoes_LomackBardot_Club_SkirtAM_Eyewear_Cobsey_Sunglasses


I’m feeling very smug for realising this entire outfit is made up of chain store purchases. See mum, I can shop on a budget?!

I’m all over the asymmetrical cut of this skirt at the moment and can’t wait to pair it with tights and boots in winter. Speaking of winter, how about this heat huh Perth? Yes it was completely impractical to be standing out in the sun on a 38 degree day dressed in faux leather and black from head to toe. I owe a very big thank you to my photographer for indulging me!

Top & Skirt: Bardot
Heels: Novo Shoes
AM Eyewear
Michael Kors
Rings: Sportsgirl and Stolen Girlfriends Club


Old favourites


It occurred to me while editing these photos that everything I’m wearing in today’s outfit post is an old favourite, or about to become an old favourite. The jeans are Cheap Monday amazing-ness purchased in New Zealand a few years ago, the neon pink silk top – picked up in the Hussy store in Bali 3 years ago and the leather jacket, one of the most treasured items in my wardrobe was bought in White Suede in Melbourne almost 3 years ago. The_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_FavouritesThe_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_FavouritesThe_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_FavouritesThe_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_Favourites

I hope you don’t mind the boring background in these photos, the winter days are just too short to shoot outdoors. Although I’m pretty happy I got to feature my colour coordinated book shelves in an outfit post!

P.S. Notice anything different? Probably not! I cut all my hair off… and hmph(!) no one has noticed.

Jacket: White Suede
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Top: Hussy
Bag: purchased in Bali
Boots: Target
Ring: Sportsgirl
Watch: Michael Kors