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PFF National Showcase

We Are Handsome 10

Three great shows hit the catwalk at the WA Museum last night for the Perth Fashion Festival’s National Showcase. We Are Handsome kicked things off with some quirky and fierce swimwear. Designers Indhra and Jeremy staying true to their roots with every piece being designed and made in Australia.

My take on corporate

I consider myself extremely lucky that I work in a corporate environment but don’t necessarily have to dress in the corporate sense. It’s a rare day that you catch me in a store that would typically specialise in workwear Cue, actually looking for work wear. And let me tell you, this conversation has taken place on a number of conversations…

Friend: “Did you go to work dressed like that?”
Me: “What? Yeah. Why?”

This outfit is pretty typical of the kind of thing I would wear on a day when I want to look “professional”.


The_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_Trouble The_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_Trouble The_Kids_Are_In_Trouble

Jeans: Saba
Top: Supre
Boots: Gorman
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Sportsgirl
Bag: Custom made