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From the archives… the shoes that were relegated to the back of the wardrobe due to a severely sprained ankle. But, I’m back baby! And these lovely leopard pumps will be getting a dedicated outfit post very soon.

My take on corporate

I consider myself extremely lucky that I work in a corporate environment but don’t necessarily have to dress in the corporate sense. It’s a rare day that you catch me in a store that would typically specialise in workwear Cue, actually looking for work wear. And let me tell you, this conversation has taken place on a number of conversations…

Friend: “Did you go to work dressed like that?”
Me: “What? Yeah. Why?”

This outfit is pretty typical of the kind of thing I would wear on a day when I want to look “professional”.


The_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_Trouble The_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_TroubleThe_Kids_Are_In_Trouble The_Kids_Are_In_Trouble

Jeans: Saba
Top: Supre
Boots: Gorman
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Sportsgirl
Bag: Custom made