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Rue Stiic

If you follow Rue Stiic on Instagram you’ll know that their pics make you dream of long, hot Summer days spent drinking cheap beer on the beach, surrounded by good looking people being generally cool for just… being.

The Rue Stiic story is “Inspired by the alley ways, boutique streets, and beach culture of Venice Beach to the easy going, niched fashion culture of Australia, Rue Stiic is a lifestyle brand that embraces fashion, art, surf, and music.”

I say their collection is pretty much the perfect line of basics and true to their essence they’re supporting the bricks and mortar retail sector by only stocking their line at a few key locations around Perth. Rue_Stiic_andalusia Rue_Stiic_bohowinter2 Rue_Stiic_drape Rue_Sticc_drapebacks Rue_Stiic_kimonowinterlayer Rue_Stiic_skate Rue_Stiic_stripedlongsleeve2

Bali bagus

I’m back in the land of the living, well actually I’ve been back for 5 days but in between landing and now I’ve started a new job and battled the easter weekend.

Bali was lovely as usual and I really felt relaxed when we touched down back in Perth. I think one of the reasons for that was because I tried to steer clear of computers, blogging and social media as much as possible. But because of that, I didn’t take a single outfit shot – in fact, I didn’t even pull my camera out of it’s bag! I did pick up some new wardrobe additions which I’m sure you’ll see on the blog soon but in the meantime here a few iPhone snaps from my holiday.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break xx

The Perfect Symmetry_Brighita Bali pool

The pool in our beautiful villa

The Perfect Symmetry_Potato Head Pistachio Martini

Potato Head Pistachio Martini

The Perfect Symmetry_Ultimo Bali

Ultimo in Seminyak

The Perfect Symmetry_Anomali Seminyak

Anomali Cafe in Seminyak

The Perfect Symmetry_Bali washing instructions

Balinese washing instructions

The Perfect Symmetry_Sea Circus Bali second birthday party

Sea Circus' second birthday party, mexican style

The Perfect Symmetry_Balinese construction

Balinese construction... safety is paramount!

The Perfect Symmetry_Sea Circus coffee

Soy latte at Sea Circus

The Perfect Symmetry_Potato Head Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary at Potato Head

The Perfect Symmetry_Top Shop

Top Shop tee

The Perfect Symmetry_Horn Emporium Cushions

My sweet as neon cushions from Horn Emporium

The Perfect Symmetry_Top Shop Knit

Top Shop knit

The Perfect Symmetry_Leather Pony Hair bag

My favourite purchase - leather and pony hair bag

The story of

Another mild day, another excuse to pull a knit out of the wardrobe. I do this every year – go too hard too early and half way through Winter I’m gagging to pull out the shorts and get me some sunshine.

These photos are a bit of a jumbled mess but I spent some time today playing around with the camera – inside and out, trying to figure out which parts of the house are best to shoot in.

I got this knit last year in Bali. It’s from a label called The Story Of. You can’t get this particular style anymore but Market HQ stock the range.

Speaking of Bali, my family and I are heading over this weekend for 10 blissful days of relaxation, food, cocktails and beach. I’m planning on making the whole week laptop free so posting will be sparse.

Oh and Kato wanted to make his debut on my blog – I wish I got his whole adorable head in this shot.

Knit – The Story of, Pants – Country Road, Wedges & Flats both by Nude 

Autumn light

Autumn has finally arrived and while I hate to see the sun slowly departing, I’m secretly excited to get back into big chunky knits. I picked up this lemon and grey knit at Valleygirl of all places for a whopping grand total of $24.95! Yes kids, you read that correctly, $24.95.

When we first moved into our house I hated the feature wall in the bedroom, but the light green hue is slowly growing on me now. When the afternoon light pours into the bedroom it’s quite calming and beautiful.

On another note, how cool is the chunky leather and steel bracelet I’m sporting?! One of my best friends had this made for me as a birthday gift a few years ago while she was living in Bali. Which reminds me, only 13 days till I’m swanning around Seminyak myself… weeeeee!

Knit: Valleygirl, Jeans: Lee Licks, Necklace: Van Rycke, Watch: Michael Kors, Pillow Cases: Miranda July