R13 Crossover Jeans

To say that I love these jeans is an understatement. I think I’ve finally admitted to myself that skin tight jeans are just not great on me. My calf muscles are too big or something (I can thank 15 years of dancing for that).Slipping into these R13 jeans for the first time was like slipping on a second skin. I knew immediately they had to be mine. And while I’m not the hugest fan of crop tops this Rue Stiic boxy tee is just the right length to balance the baggier fit of the jean in my opinion.

Grace and I shot this outfit on a scorching hot day in Fremantle. Let me tell you that by the end of the shoot we were both looking less than ladylike but I still didn’t want to take these jeans off!

Rue Stiic Boxy Tee R13 Crossover Jeans R13 Crossover Jeans Larrson and Jennings WatchR13 Crossover Jeans

Photography by Grace

Jeans: R13 | Tee: Rue Stiic | Heels: Michael Michael Kors | Clutch: The Daily Edited | Watch: Larrson & Jennings

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