Senso Bertina


It’s true, I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you. I ummed and ahhed for so long and then I watched you develop a cult following pretty much over night. I forget how many dozens of times I flirted with you, added you to my cart only to abandon you hours later. Well I’ve changed my ways, and I’ve finally committed Bertina, and I’m never letting you go.

 Boots: Senso Bertina Boots
Jeans: Lee Licks


  1. well let me first say – i COMPLETELY understand … the flirtation, the add to cart dance was erring on the side of dangerous liasons for me … then i caved and brought my Senso Britneys, seriously. wow. nothing compares! love the Bertina’s possibly in white for summer … starting to save asap. also, this is kind of off topic but kind of not … i work in tourism + yesterday i checked a girl in to our hotel, and she was just so lovely and sweet i upgraded her to a bigger apartment, about 20 minutes later she walked past the office – my eyes were instantly drawn to her feet, she was wearing Bertinas! i had an overwhelming urge to run out and high five her for being awesome. i must have sensed she had serious style hahaha i didnt high five her but i did give her a knowing wink and the thumbs up when she came back past. She must have thought i had something in my eye, cause she stopped to ask if i was ok bahahaha 😀

    • haha you are hilarious! There is nothing better than getting a compliment on your footwear choices! Sister obviously had great taste.

      Your Britney’s are HOT! Great decision to get those bad boys. Can’t wait to see some outfit posts of them xx

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