Restyle Day 23 – Metallic

Perth Fashion Festival-280

Two things happened to me while shooting this outfit with the delightful Melissa, I messed my heels up good and proper by walking through the dirt trail to get to this ‘bushland’ and then some kind of leech like worm creature found a home on my ankle. There were shouts and shrieks and what not, as you can imagine.

I don’t know what any of that has to do with today’s prompt which is Metallic. Speaking of metallic, this delightful top comes courtesy of the RSCPA Society Store in Palmyra. I could think of nothing better to team it with than this faux leather skirt from Bardot.

Perth Fashion Festival-274 Perth Fashion Festival-276 Perth Fashion Festival-278  Perth Fashion Festival-287 Perth Fashion Festival-288 Perth Fashion Festival-289

Photos by Melissa Mills Photography

Top: RSPCA Palmyra, $6.50
Bangles: RSPCA Palmyra, $2.00
Skirt: Bardot

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