Once upon a time

Once upon a time, not too many moons ago, my dear friend Melissa and I headed into the deep dark depths of the forrest. Gnangara Pine Plantation is a forrest right? Well maybe not, but there were trees and birds and lots of beautiful light and two friends who grabbed a bunch of dresses and a camera and got to shooting.

Melissa is a gun behind the camera. She has that special gift that most of us only dream of having, that ability to capture the emotion in a moment which is pretty important when you’re photographing someone’s wedding, which is what Mel normally shoots.



For me, this post is about beautiful images first, clothing second (there are two more outfits I’ll post soon). I literally grabbed a bunch of dresses, a few pairs of shoes and hoped for the best.  Everything we shot were old pieces I had in my wardrobe that I thought would look good in front of the pine tree backdrop. The dress is a vintage piece that I’m pretty sure was made for me. I picked it up at one of the sales that the girls at Awoke on a Whale Heart have every so often. It was love at first sight.

Dress: Vintage
Ring: Sportsgirl
Necklance: Van Rycke
Heels: RMK 

P.S. Mel is in the process of getting her website up & running, I’ll post the link once it’s ready.


  1. Carmen says

    I really like the second photograph. I think not looking at the camera always looks more

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