Old favourites


It occurred to me while editing these photos that everything I’m wearing in today’s outfit post is an old favourite, or about to become an old favourite. The jeans are Cheap Monday amazing-ness purchased in New Zealand a few years ago, the neon pink silk top – picked up in the Hussy store in Bali 3 years ago and the leather jacket, one of the most treasured items in my wardrobe was bought in White Suede in Melbourne almost 3 years ago. The_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_FavouritesThe_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_FavouritesThe_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_FavouritesThe_Perfect_Symmetry_Old_Favourites

I hope you don’t mind the boring background in these photos, the winter days are just too short to shoot outdoors. Although I’m pretty happy I got to feature my colour coordinated book shelves in an outfit post!

P.S. Notice anything different? Probably not! I cut all my hair off… and hmph(!) no one has noticed.

Jacket: White Suede
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Top: Hussy
Bag: purchased in Bali
Boots: Target
Ring: Sportsgirl
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. i never really understood the cheap monday phenomenon till i recently brough my own pair of highwaisted black ones – im 6ft tall and i couldnt believe how long they are! i love this bag, and you look so gosh darn different with your hair this length and straight! i know this is goling back a few months now, but did you feel naked without your masses of hair? i am feeling like my long hair is just boring. its at the length where its so long i can only wear it in a high pony tail or out and wavy.
    considering the chop but so emotionally attatched to my length – i guess because i hide behind it.

    • Cheap Monday’s are the shiz! They’re my favourite brand of jeans.

      I actually completely regret cutting my hair off. But it’s different when it’s curly, it springs up sooo much without the weight on it. Totally understand what you’re saying though, I use mine as a veil too.

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