MBFWA 2013 My Favs

My Twitter feed and Instagram have been filled with nothing but MBFWA action over the last week and I’ve loved every minute of it. So I thought I’d share a wrap up of my favourite looks. The stand out collections for me were Aje who showed muted tones and pretty pastel prints on some gorgeous gowns and Ginger & Smart who kill it every time.

There was some lovely clean tailoring from labels By Johnny and we will no doubt see inspiration from Ellery’s structured pieces throughout the chain stores this Spring/Summer. Surprisingly, I found Manning Cartell a little underwhelming this year.

What did you love this year?

AJE_MBFWA_2013 AJE1_MBFWA_2013 AJE3_MBFWA_2013 Alex_Perry_MBFWA_2013 Bec_Bridge_MBFWA_2013 By_Johnny_MBFWA_2013 Camilla_Marc_MBFWA_2013 Christopher_Esber_MBFWA_2013 Ellery_MBFWA_2013 Ginger_Smart_MBFWA_2013 Jamie_Ashkar_MBFWA_2013 Maticevski_MBFWA_2013 Michael_Losordo_MBFWA_2013 Staple_the_Label_MBFWA_2013 Zhivage_MBFWA_2013

Images (all from mbfashionweek.com):
1, 2 & 3: Aje
4. Alex Perry
5. Bec & Bridge
6. By Johnny
7. Camilla & Marc
8. Christopher Esber
9. Ellery
10. Ginger & Smart
11. Jamie Ashker
12. Maticevski
13. Michael Lo Sordo
14. Staple The Label
15. Zhivago

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