Low carb Easter cake

Low carb chocolate cake

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you might have noticed lately that most of my food shots have been tagged #lchf or #keto. I transitioned into a low-carb high-fat diet about 4 months ago and my mind and body have never felt better. 

Cutting out processed foods like sugar and grains including flour means the usual baking suspects are no longer on the cooking list. I do love to bake though and on this quest for a healthier me I’ve made some great baked treats and some not-so-great treats.

This flourless chocolate heaven cake is definitely on the great list. I know the Cadbury eggs and Lindt bunny are a no no but they were too pretty not to decorate with. The cake is rich, dense and almost brownie like. Serve it with cream and berries for the ultimate dessert.

Low carb chocolate cakeLow carb chocolate cakeLow carb chocolate cake

I will do a more detailed post on the Keto lifestyle soon but check out the recipe for this amazingly dense cake to make it for yourself.

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