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RTRFM Restyle Recap

Artbeat Creatives

If you missed it on Friday, Mon and I had the pleasure of talking about our Restyle experience on RTRFM as part of the #artbeatcreatives series. You can listen to the podcast if you want to hear my newly discovered lisp!

Restyle On The Runway


August might be over but Restyle isn’t quite done yet. Myself and the other op-shopping loving bloggers will be hitting the runway as part of this year’s PFF.

That’s a Wrap

Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble It's All Business

And that’s a wrap. 31 of days of op-shopped items and I loved every minute of it! I loved seeing all of the amazing creations that you all came up with, I loved my weekly visits to the RSPCA Society Stores and most of all, I loved being part of something important.

Restyle Day 31 – Outfit to Donate Back

Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble It's All Business

So kids, here we are, day 31. And I’m seeing out the challenge with a little cheat. See this dress isn’t from any of the RSPCA Society Stores. It’s actually from my wardrobe and I haven’t worn it in a long time. It was hanging to one side with a lot of my other clothes in that sad category, you know the one… the “I know I haven’t worn it in ages but I might wear it again” category.

Restyle Day 28 – Belt It

Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble Perth Fashion Festival

The belt is a curvy girls best friend. Cinch in the waist, flaunt the hips. And lets face it, curvy or not, sometimes highlighting your waist is all you need to fight the frump on certain days.

Restyle Day 26 – Denim

Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble Perth Fashion Festival

I was pretty excited when I spotted this denim skirt. I don’t usually gravitate towards dark denim but I loved the cut and the fact that it didn’t have a waistband. And in case you’re wondering, no, it didn’t come this distressed.

Restyle Day 25 – Bow

Perth Fashion Festival-335

I was so happy I found this sexy little black dress to represent today’s Bow prompt. When I think of bow, for some reason I think girly which isn’t really me. But this dress proved me wrong in all the right ways!