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Ryan Gosling


Me: I got new glasses. They have a clip on sunglass attachment. You know, so I don’t need two pairs of prescription glasses.
Friend: Oh. Oh ok. 

Smash and grab

Asos Wiggle Dress

I’m one of those people that leaves event dressing until the last minute. Like, the day before a wedding/ball/engagement party etc I will do what my partner calls a ‘smash and grab’. 

Old faithful

The Kids Are In Trouble_Country Road

Sometimes when I really sit back and think about fashion blogging I realise how strange of a concept it is. 

Circa 2001

R13 x-over_thekidsareintrouble

Who else is excited that double denim has made a comeback? It’s a trend that seems to have transcended the fashion blogger elite and make itself at home in the wardrobes of everyday women.

Ice Queen

The Kids Are In Trouble_The Iconic

In my eyes the pencil skirt is one of the most perfect items of clothing in one’s wardrobe. I’m yet to see a body shape that doesn’t suit a slick, mid-length, form-fitted skirt.

Working style

Tuxedo_the Kids are in trouble

Since I moved out of working in advertising agencies and into a client side role I’ve noticed a lot about my working habits. 

In a heartbeat

Zara_the kids are in trouble

It’s usually about this time that I wax lyrical about the weekend and how Monday’s are a chance for a brand new start but its cold and I’m miserable because… well, Monday. How do two days fly by in such a heartbeat? 


The Kids Are In Trouble_Bassike

Ahh do you think Tristan was trying to tell me something? I didn’t take it personally. Who could resist shooting under this excellent demonstration of street art? #perthisok