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Insta-life 6/9

Dear blog, I’m sorry I’ve neglected you for the last four weeks. In my half hearted attempt to show you some love, here is my life in a series of filtered photos.

xx B

The_Perfect_Symmetry_SewingThe_Perfect_Symmetry_Fashion_IllustrationChanel Black SatinFashion_IllustrationVeuveFashion_IllustrationFortune_cookie

Free range chocolate

I hate cooking. Hate it. But baking, baking I like. And chocolate, chocolate I love. I made this chocolate mousse for a dinner party this weekend. And best of all, it was made with Marc’s free range eggs.

Recipe by Donna Hay.


Luxe travel

This gorgeous little package arrived on my door step today, thanks to Sassenfras. The Luxe City Guides are carefully curated travel guides, written by people who actually live in the city themselves. Last time I visited Melbourne, Luxe helped my find some of the cities best bars and eateries, not to mention an after hours doctor! I can’t wait to tour New York, London, Dubai, Barcelona and Hanoi with these little gems. Ah a girl can dream!

Thanks again to Sassenfras!

Bali bagus

I’m back in the land of the living, well actually I’ve been back for 5 days but in between landing and now I’ve started a new job and battled the easter weekend.

Bali was lovely as usual and I really felt relaxed when we touched down back in Perth. I think one of the reasons for that was because I tried to steer clear of computers, blogging and social media as much as possible. But because of that, I didn’t take a single outfit shot – in fact, I didn’t even pull my camera out of it’s bag! I did pick up some new wardrobe additions which I’m sure you’ll see on the blog soon but in the meantime here a few iPhone snaps from my holiday.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break xx

The Perfect Symmetry_Brighita Bali pool

The pool in our beautiful villa

The Perfect Symmetry_Potato Head Pistachio Martini

Potato Head Pistachio Martini

The Perfect Symmetry_Ultimo Bali

Ultimo in Seminyak

The Perfect Symmetry_Anomali Seminyak

Anomali Cafe in Seminyak

The Perfect Symmetry_Bali washing instructions

Balinese washing instructions

The Perfect Symmetry_Sea Circus Bali second birthday party

Sea Circus' second birthday party, mexican style

The Perfect Symmetry_Balinese construction

Balinese construction... safety is paramount!

The Perfect Symmetry_Sea Circus coffee

Soy latte at Sea Circus

The Perfect Symmetry_Potato Head Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary at Potato Head

The Perfect Symmetry_Top Shop

Top Shop tee

The Perfect Symmetry_Horn Emporium Cushions

My sweet as neon cushions from Horn Emporium

The Perfect Symmetry_Top Shop Knit

Top Shop knit

The Perfect Symmetry_Leather Pony Hair bag

My favourite purchase - leather and pony hair bag

Beach waves

There were more waves going on in my hair today than at the beach.
I don’t know about you but I’m yet to find a sea salt spray that is as good as the real thing.
Necklace: Van Rycke, Sunglasses: AM Eyewear, Tee: Zuttion

The contents of my handbag

I actually don’t think I carry that much around in my handbag. I’m a pretty no fuss kinda girl which means the contents of my bag are actually quite boring.

1. Handbag: I actually had this made the last time I was in Bali. It a copy of an el-cheapo I picked up in Rubi Shoes. The leather keeps better with age.
2. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream: holy moly, this tube has lasted me years! It’s the perfect lip balm and I pretty much use it on any part of me that needs serious moisture.
3. Rhodia Notebook: For random scribbles and lists.
4. Pen: Not sure what brand this is but it’s covered in graffiti and I love it! It was a gift from my brother and he got it at Urban Depot in Leederville.
5. Sunglasses/Glasses: Ray Bans’s which aren’t actually mine… thanks T :) And prescription glasses from a Japanese brand called Mokucho-Roman.
6. Lipsticks: Nars – Barbarella, Chantecaille – Aster and YSL Lipgloss. These two are just a snippet of what’s actually in my bag, you can see the whole range here.
7. Purse: Tie died leather by Scout and Catalogue. What’s not to love?
8. Dry Shampoo: Batiste.
9. And of course, the trusty iPhone!