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Insta-life 6/9

Dear blog, I’m sorry I’ve neglected you for the last four weeks. In my half hearted attempt to show you some love, here is my life in a series of filtered photos.

xx B

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Bali bagus

I’m back in the land of the living, well actually I’ve been back for 5 days but in between landing and now I’ve started a new job and battled the easter weekend.

Bali was lovely as usual and I really felt relaxed when we touched down back in Perth. I think one of the reasons for that was because I tried to steer clear of computers, blogging and social media as much as possible. But because of that, I didn’t take a single outfit shot – in fact, I didn’t even pull my camera out of it’s bag! I did pick up some new wardrobe additions which I’m sure you’ll see on the blog soon but in the meantime here a few iPhone snaps from my holiday.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break xx

The Perfect Symmetry_Brighita Bali pool

The pool in our beautiful villa

The Perfect Symmetry_Potato Head Pistachio Martini

Potato Head Pistachio Martini

The Perfect Symmetry_Ultimo Bali

Ultimo in Seminyak

The Perfect Symmetry_Anomali Seminyak

Anomali Cafe in Seminyak

The Perfect Symmetry_Bali washing instructions

Balinese washing instructions

The Perfect Symmetry_Sea Circus Bali second birthday party

Sea Circus' second birthday party, mexican style

The Perfect Symmetry_Balinese construction

Balinese construction... safety is paramount!

The Perfect Symmetry_Sea Circus coffee

Soy latte at Sea Circus

The Perfect Symmetry_Potato Head Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary at Potato Head

The Perfect Symmetry_Top Shop

Top Shop tee

The Perfect Symmetry_Horn Emporium Cushions

My sweet as neon cushions from Horn Emporium

The Perfect Symmetry_Top Shop Knit

Top Shop knit

The Perfect Symmetry_Leather Pony Hair bag

My favourite purchase - leather and pony hair bag

A week of instagram

Colour blocking the book shelf!

The wall mural at Head Studio, Perth

Vintage Karl Lagerfield earrings I almost forgot I had

Risotto a’la brighita

 A lesson in how it’s not a good idea to climb a fence with your phone in your pocket