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In a heartbeat

Zara_the kids are in trouble

It’s usually about this time that I wax lyrical about the weekend and how Monday’s are a chance for a brand new start but its cold and I’m miserable because… well, Monday. How do two days fly by in such a heartbeat? 


The Kids Are In Trouble_Bassike

Ahh do you think Tristan was trying to tell me something? I didn’t take it personally. Who could resist shooting under this excellent demonstration of street art? #perthisok

From Monday


Mondays are wretched things. Especially when last Monday you were strolling through the autumn Melbourne air, ducking into cafes to avoid the rain and planning your to do list around the next meal.


The Kids Are In Trouble_Hansen and Gretel Jira Dress

Ladylike and feminine are not two words that I would normally use to describe myself. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get around all macho-esque or sit with my legs wide open but my natural instincts tend more towards tailored, over sized pieces, sometimes lending from the boys

Meet Oscar

Oscar Wylee Pascal

If you’ve ever met someone who needs to wear glasses to see anything that’s more than about 3 metres in front of them, then you’ve probably also heard of their deepest desires to have their eyes surgically fixed. After 15 years of needing glasses to see even the TV properly I can’t imagine how freeing it would be to have perfect 20/20 vision.

Holiday comedown

Anine Bing t-shirt with raw hems

Two weeks back from our amazing trip around Vietnam and Cambodia and I guess post holiday depression has well and truly kicked in. Maybe that’s why I’m dressed head to toe in black.


Zoe Karssen

I’m afraid you’re going to be seeing this bag a lot around here. Can you blame me though? After a very considered thought process and much debate about which bag to splurge my hard earned cash on, I finally decided on the Givenchy Pandora in Textured Lamb Leather. I picked it up in Singapore last month and have been in love ever since.


R13 Crossover Jeans

To say that I love these jeans is an understatement. I think I’ve finally admitted to myself that skin tight jeans are just not great on me. My calf muscles are too big or something (I can thank 15 years of dancing for that).Slipping into these R13 jeans for the first time was like slipping on a second skin. I knew immediately they had to be mine. And while I’m not the hugest fan of crop tops this Rue Stiic boxy tee is just the right length to balance the baggier fit of the jean in my opinion.