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City Guide: Austin


Austin, you well and truly stole my heart. Blazing sun, natural watering holes, food trucks on every corner and great Texas hospitality. I will be back soon, promise. 

The Dress Edit

The Dress Edit

It’s my first summer in San Francisco and getting used to the sun being out until 9pm in June is a little strange for this little Aussie.

Ryan Gosling


Me: I got new glasses. They have a clip on sunglass attachment. You know, so I don’t need two pairs of prescription glasses.
Friend: Oh. Oh ok. 

Smash and grab

Asos Wiggle Dress

I’m one of those people that leaves event dressing until the last minute. Like, the day before a wedding/ball/engagement party etc I will do what my partner calls a ‘smash and grab’. 

Old faithful

The Kids Are In Trouble_Country Road

Sometimes when I really sit back and think about fashion blogging I realise how strange of a concept it is. 

Circa 2001

R13 x-over_thekidsareintrouble

Who else is excited that double denim has made a comeback? It’s a trend that seems to have transcended the fashion blogger elite and make itself at home in the wardrobes of everyday women.

Ice Queen

The Kids Are In Trouble_The Iconic

In my eyes the pencil skirt is one of the most perfect items of clothing in one’s wardrobe. I’m yet to see a body shape that doesn’t suit a slick, mid-length, form-fitted skirt.

Working style

Tuxedo_the Kids are in trouble

Since I moved out of working in advertising agencies and into a client side role I’ve noticed a lot about my working habits.