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Baby things


When your friend asks you to go to a crochet class with her and you say umm no thanks and then she says but there will be wine there and then you say yeah, no I’m good and then she says oh come on you can help me make a baby blanket and then you have to say yes.

Restyle Day 26 – Denim

Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble Perth Fashion Festival

I was pretty excited when I spotted this denim skirt. I don’t usually gravitate towards dark denim but I loved the cut and the fact that it didn’t have a waistband. And in case you’re wondering, no, it didn’t come this distressed.

Restyle Day 7 – Customised

Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble

Denim was a no brainer for the customise prompt. I can stitch and hem but I’m not that skilled on a sewing machine so I knew that denim would be an easy option to try to make my own. Until of course, I decided to customise a denim vest with a million teeny tiny beads.

Restyle The Kids Are In TroubleRestyle The Kids Are In TroubleRestyle The Kids Are In TroubleRestyle The Kids Are In Trouble Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble

Photos by Aimee Claire Photography and Melissa Mills Photography

After some Googling, I stumbled across this tutorial. I’d already removed the sleeves from the jacket that I’d picked up and I fell in love with the pearl and bead trim.

Although time consuming, it wasn’t that hard. Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Sew or hand stitch some trim to the area you want to attach the beads to.

Step 2: Lay out your large beads so you can get some even spacing between them. When you’re happy with the layout start stitching them on.

Step 3: Sew on your smaller beads to fill in the gaps.

Tip: I used a cotton that was a similar colour to the denim but I think it was too dark for the beads I chose. If you can’t find a happy medium, I would probably go for something closer to your bead colour.

The Kids Are In Trouble Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble Restyle The Kids Are In Trouble Restyle

Vest: RSPCA Bibra Lake
Jeans: Cheap Monday

Cut off’s

Does anyone else look at items in their wardrobe and think “I would wear that if it didn’t have sleeves?” I’ve gotten into what some might say is a bad habit. I regularly hack into my clothes and when I say hack, I mean go at them with a pair of blunt scissors, without measuring anything, and hope for the best.

These shorts, were a pair of Zara pants I bought in Europe last year. They’d been sitting in my wardrobe, replaced with a similar Country Road pair. So I pulled them out, turned them inside out and cut off the legs just below the pockets. I guess the worst part about my hacking habit is that I never hem or finish anything, I just let the edges fray and pretend they’re supposed to be like that.

Shorts: Zara, Tee: Deus, Thongs: Bassike x Havaianas, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

DIY – Neon Necklace

Lets face it, the neon trend is not going anywhere in a hurry and one of the easiest ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe is with jewellery and if you’re into DIY then there is a pretty good chance you’ve already come across Geneva from A Pair and a Spare. I got the neon necklace idea from this amazing piece she created a few months back.

The necklace is actually a pearl strand I picked up at Diva and the neon yellow paint you can find at any Bunnings store. What do you think?

Check out Geneva’s post for full instructions on how to DIY your own neon necklace.