Autumn light

Autumn has finally arrived and while I hate to see the sun slowly departing, I’m secretly excited to get back into big chunky knits. I picked up this lemon and grey knit at Valleygirl of all places for a whopping grand total of $24.95! Yes kids, you read that correctly, $24.95.

When we first moved into our house I hated the feature wall in the bedroom, but the light green hue is slowly growing on me now. When the afternoon light pours into the bedroom it’s quite calming and beautiful.

On another note, how cool is the chunky leather and steel bracelet I’m sporting?! One of my best friends had this made for me as a birthday gift a few years ago while she was living in Bali. Which reminds me, only 13 days till I’m swanning around Seminyak myself… weeeeee!

Knit: Valleygirl, Jeans: Lee Licks, Necklace: Van Rycke, Watch: Michael Kors, Pillow Cases: Miranda July


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