à tout à l’heure

Sick of seeing me in stripes yet? How about the colour black? People that say black isn’t a colour shouldn’t be trusted.

Bassike stripe long sleeve t.shirt dressCamilla & Marc UPBOUND KNIT PULL OVERSeed BootsCamilla & Marc UPBOUND KNIT PULL OVERCamilla & Marc Upbound Knit PulloverThe Kids Are In TroubleBassike Stipe Long Sleeve t.shirt Dress

I’m slowly killing this Camilla & Marc knit, I fear it’s not going to last me through Winter. Come to think of it these boots have seen better days too. If I could be an eternal summer chaser I would. I don’t like being cold and I’m not very good at trying to combat it with layers and coats and boots like most people do.

Maybe I’ll spend most of this winter peering out over the balcony, looking for the sun.

Dress: Bassike
Knit: Camilla & Marc
Boots: Seed, similar here
Watch: Baby-G

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