Month: March 2012

The importance of a good eyebrow

Not that long ago, I had an epiphany. Sadly I didn’t discover the meaning of life or figure out how to cure world hunger. My epiphany was a little more vain… I worked out that having the correct eyebrow shape and thickness does what all the makeup/facials/botox in the world could never do. I mean, I always knew that everyone had a shape that was uniquely there’s but what I really discovered was how much of a difference an expert eyebrow shaper can make to your life (I know that’s a big call, but stay with me folks).

A couple of months ago, after a tip from a friend, I went to see “The Eyebrow Whisperer” aka Alison Jade. Yes, I had to wait around 7 weeks to get an appointment, yes it was expensive, and yes I was only in there for about 15 minutes but ladies and gentleman this lady knows eyebrows. And most importantly she knows what shape, style and brow thickness suits your face.

If any of you follow the work of the adorable Zoe Foster (if you don’t, you really should), you’ll know she is a huge advocate for getting your shaped professionally and doing them everyday – here she explains better than I ever could, just how and why the right shape frames your face correctly and balances everything else out.

Now, if you’re still reading this but aren’t entirely convinced that I’m not batsh*t crazy then I would like you take a close look at the exhibits.

Okay, I know Megan’s probably had a little extra “something, something” done to her face but how much better do her thicker darker brows look?!

I had my fourth session with Alison today and here is my before and after…

What do you think? Am I batsh*t crazy or is it worth every penny?

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The story of

Another mild day, another excuse to pull a knit out of the wardrobe. I do this every year – go too hard too early and half way through Winter I’m gagging to pull out the shorts and get me some sunshine.

These photos are a bit of a jumbled mess but I spent some time today playing around with the camera – inside and out, trying to figure out which parts of the house are best to shoot in.

I got this knit last year in Bali. It’s from a label called The Story Of. You can’t get this particular style anymore but Market HQ stock the range.

Speaking of Bali, my family and I are heading over this weekend for 10 blissful days of relaxation, food, cocktails and beach. I’m planning on making the whole week laptop free so posting will be sparse.

Oh and Kato wanted to make his debut on my blog – I wish I got his whole adorable head in this shot.

Knit – The Story of, Pants – Country Road, Wedges & Flats both by Nude 


Great style never goes out of fashion. DIY Breton shirt tutorial here.
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Blogger crush: Cats and Rocking Chairs

I’ve decided to start doing regular blogger crush posts because lets face it, there are tons of amazing bloggers out there so why not share that inspiration with you!

A few weeks ago I posted about the amazing Jules from Sincerely Jules and this week I stumbled across Morven from Cats and Rocking Chairs.

Morven has that kind of “rock chic, throw back, I just rolled out of bed into this amazing ensemble look” that I for one, try hard to achieve, but never quite pull off. And reading her blog makes me want to go back to Edinburgh and stroll through the cobbled streets all rugged up in wintery threads! Here are some are my favourite looks…

Do you guys have any blogger crushes I should know about?

Luxe to less: Lover Lace Dress

Does anyone know the actual style name of this Lover lace frock? I like to think of it as the younger sister of the gorgeous Serpent lace dress. Anyway, if you’re coveting this hot little number but can’t quite afford the approx $700 price tag then the Portmans Crochet Lace Fit dress is a pretty alternative, and if it’s ok with Abbey Lee Kershaw, then it’s ok with me. Lover lace dress, approx $700
Portmans Crochet Lace Fit dress, $129.95

P.S. I had a few gremlins living in my blog yesterday, so apologies if you received a few posts from me that made no sense. The gremlins have now been dealt with 😉

Autumn light

Autumn has finally arrived and while I hate to see the sun slowly departing, I’m secretly excited to get back into big chunky knits. I picked up this lemon and grey knit at Valleygirl of all places for a whopping grand total of $24.95! Yes kids, you read that correctly, $24.95.

When we first moved into our house I hated the feature wall in the bedroom, but the light green hue is slowly growing on me now. When the afternoon light pours into the bedroom it’s quite calming and beautiful.

On another note, how cool is the chunky leather and steel bracelet I’m sporting?! One of my best friends had this made for me as a birthday gift a few years ago while she was living in Bali. Which reminds me, only 13 days till I’m swanning around Seminyak myself… weeeeee!

Knit: Valleygirl, Jeans: Lee Licks, Necklace: Van Rycke, Watch: Michael Kors, Pillow Cases: Miranda July


Without a a doubt my most popular board on Pinterest is my Illustration board. I love fashion illustration, so much so, that I’m planning on doing a fashion illustration course this year even though I can’t draw to save my life (seriously, you should see my Draw Something sketches)! So I thought I’d do a roundup of some of my fav fashion illustrators.

Home grown talent Pippa McManus – definitely my favourite illustrator. I’d love to have one of her pieces hanging on my wall one day.

Courtney from 23 Skidoo.

Sabine Pieper
from Germany.

If you’ve ever been to the amazing bar/restaurant in Bali called Sea Circus you would have seen this amazing mural on their wall. It’s by Manuel Rebollo.