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The holy grail of travel makeup

Urban Decay Naked Palette

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know that my partner and I recently relocated to San Francisco. We arrived here after six weeks in Europe with nothing but two suitcases and a couple of laptops. Needless to say, I have been wearing the same clothes and the same makeup for around three months now and it’s definitely time for an update.

Baby things


When your friend asks you to go to a crochet class with her and you say umm no thanks and then she says but there will be wine there and then you say yeah, no I’m good and then she says oh come on you can help me make a baby blanket and then you have to say yes.

Then you go to the crochet class and you hate every minute of it because you can’t even do a chain stitch and you’re holding everything weirdly but then when you get home you’re so frustrated by the situation that you keep trying whilst continuing to hold the hook incorrectly.

But then eventually you make a baby blanket. This is for you baby Ross-Crawford.

Pattern from here.

Baby_blanket_crochet Baby_blanket_crochet Baby_blanket_crochet Baby_blanket_crochet

Ryan Gosling


Me: I got new glasses. They have a clip on sunglass attachment. You know, so I don’t need two pairs of prescription glasses.
Friend: Oh. Oh ok. 

Smash and grab

Asos Wiggle Dress

I’m one of those people that leaves event dressing until the last minute. Like, the day before a wedding/ball/engagement party etc I will do what my partner calls a ‘smash and grab’. 

Old faithful

The Kids Are In Trouble_Country Road

Sometimes when I really sit back and think about fashion blogging I realise how strange of a concept it is. 

Styling and photography


Last week I got to work on an exciting styling and photography project with what can only be described as a Perth’s Dream Team.

Circa 2001

R13 x-over_thekidsareintrouble

Who else is excited that double denim has made a comeback? It’s a trend that seems to have transcended the fashion blogger elite and make itself at home in the wardrobes of everyday women.

Ice Queen

The Kids Are In Trouble_The Iconic

In my eyes the pencil skirt is one of the most perfect items of clothing in one’s wardrobe. I’m yet to see a body shape that doesn’t suit a slick, mid-length, form-fitted skirt.